Healthy Lifestyle for Kids Parents Can Apply

Every parent wants the best for their kids, from education until a healthy lifestyle. These days, with everything so instant, sometimes it makes it hard to have a healthy lifestyle for kids. However, it all depends on the parents and how they apply it to their kids. Kids are the leading generation in the future, therefore it is important they stay healthy until then.

With the busy life people have these days, it can be hard to have a healthy lifestyle for kids. Rushing them to school every day and parents having to work 8 hours a day, it seems impossible. However, everyone has the choice to live disciplined and a better life. Here are some tips parents can apply for their kids.

1. Drink Water

Try to reduce drinks that don’t give benefits to the body. And change it to drinking water regularly. Water has so many benefits for the human’s body, therefore kids should drink more water than sweet drinks. Try not to give them too much ice cream or fat milk too. Milk with high calcium is ok to be given to kids, but make sure to consume them once a day only.

 2. Vegetables & Fruits

Give healthy foods to your kid and cook for them if possible. By cooking, parents can know the ingredients in the food, whether it is safe or not. When you cook, make sure to add vegetables into the food. Arrange it so that it tastes good and doesn’t look like a vegetable. For closing, people can give kids fruits such as watermelon, melon or apple. Give them this menu every day but with different variants, so they don’t get bored.

 3. Switch off the Screen

Gadgets is now available everywhere and it is sure used every day by parents too. Try not to use them too much especially in front of the kids. Switch off the tv, phone if your kids are there. You can give them some screen time but make it limited. Too many screens can make them addicted and have a negative effect.

 4. Go Outside

Rather than watching tv or playing gadget, a healthy lifestyle for kids is by letting them out. By going outside of the house, they can explore the world and become more active. This can be good for a kid’s body and brain. Do some exercise with them such as biking or running around the neighborhood each day. This simple activity can help refresh their bodies.

 5. Rest Enough

Kids are usually very active and love to play. Sometimes because of being too excited, they forget to rest. Therefore, ensure they get enough rest each day. Kids must at least sleep 8 hours/day to recharge their bodies. If possible, kids should also sleep in the afternoon. This will help prevent them from getting cranky in the afternoon.

Having a healthy lifestyle for kids depends on the parent’s lifestyle too. If the parents can be discipline, then the kids will follow. It is always hard to make a change but remember this is for a better future. So, try slowly applying these steps for you and your kids.

How to Take Care of Hamster for Beginners

Hamsters are pets that are perfect for children. This is because hamsters are adorable and fun. It is also pets that are suitable for those who never had a pet and willing to have one. Why? Because it is easy on how to take care of hamsters. It does not require a big space since hamsters are small. Also, it does not need an amount of money like cats and dogs do. The handling of hamsters is quite cheap.

Hamsters are nocturnal animals that are natural for them to both play and sleep. They usually go active in the night time and tend to take naps in the day time. Even though they are an active pet, a hamster is still easy to pet. If you are planning to have a hamster, these are five simple tips on how to take care of hamster:

1. Do not spread the food in the cage

The first tip does not spread the food in the cage. This would cause the cage to easily get smelly, dirty and even invites various diseases. The solution is to use a hamster dish or any kind of little box to contain their food. As for addition, purchase a heavy one. This is because it would not be easily displaced and spill out.

2. Routinely replace the sawdust

The second thing to know on how to take care of hamster is routinely replacing the sawdust. Do not get lazy to change the sawdust. Sawdust is the hamster’s sleeping mat, warmers and also the hamster’s absorbent urine. You should replace the sawdust at least every three days and do not let it get wet. Not only the sawdust, routinely wash the cage also.

3. Hamster’s Food Ban

There are several foods that hamsters are not allowing to eat. Such as foods that have a strong flavor like chocolate, orange, garlic and other foods. Do not give fatty foods because it could cause obesity to the hamster. An obesity hamster is likely to experience heart disease and cause death. Simply choose sunflower seed, green beans, soybean and other kinds of seed beads in pet shops.

4. Bathing Sand

Another important tip on how to take care of hamster is never bathing them directly with water. Hamsters are very susceptible to humidity and tend not suitable with waters. Even so, hamster still needs to be bathed. with bathing sand. This sand has very fine and soft granules. It does not only clean hamsters but also softener its fur.

5. Give hamsters accessories

Last but not least, require them with several hamster accessories. It could be a hamster ball and see-saw. With playing around, hamsters would not only be playful and active but also be happy. Of course, it would make the hamster healthy as well

Applying these tips on how to take care of hamster is an easy task to do. Not only easy but also simple and quick. Require a shady calm place for the cage and you are off to go petting a hamster!

Your Athlete Carrier By Athlete’s Foot Home Remedies

An athlete is a wonderful job that many people like to be. But becoming an athlete is not as easy as we think. There are many sacrifices and distractions that you need to face to be an athlete. One of the distractions is handling the problem of your foot. The foot’s problem becomes the most popular distraction. Therefore, an athlete must able to fix this kind of problem. Many of them do the athlete’s foot home remedies. This path is effective to handle the foot problem. Need more information about foot home remedies for an athlete? Here are the explanations.

1. Tea Tree Oil Remedy

The first athlete’s foot home remedies are tea tree oil remedy. The tea tree oil is the oil from a leave of tree in Australia. Tea tree oil has many functions. It contains anti-bacteria that can kill the bacteria and also fungus. Thus, many people use tea tree oil for remedies such as foot home remedies for an athlete. Tea tree oil can decrease itching, swelling, burning, and also scaling. Therefore, many athletes use tea tree oil as a home remedy for their foot. It needs several months to fix. Even it needs some moments, but you will also meet the good result.

2. Bitter Orange Remedy

Bitter orange is a fruit which comes from as similar as an orange tree. It is one type of family of orange. The vitamin contained inside the bitter orange can protect the skin from sunburn, reduce ringworm and also jock itch that usually becomes the cause of athlete’s foot problems. In Chinese, the bitter orange is popular and becomes the main remedy. Therefore, it will also help the athlete to do the foot home remedy and fix the foot’s problem.

3. Ajoene Garlic Remedy

When talking about the remedy, garlic is one of the best healer and remedies. The ajoene is a chemical which is an extract from garlic. The ajoene can build the antifungal. The antifungal is very useful for protecting an athlete’s foot from the fungus. It is also useful for cure the symptom. Not only cure the fungus, but it also can protect an athlete’s foot from stricken fungus again.

4. Sunflower Oil Remedy

The next athlete’s foot home remedies are coming from a flower that is a sunflower. The sunflower not only a beautiful flower, but it also has benefits. The benefit is becoming the antifungal. The oil that is made from a seed of the sunflower contains a powerful antifungal. The oil is the basic material of antifungal medicine. Thus, the athlete can use sunflower oil as the home remedies.

5. Green Tea Remedy

The last remedy is the green tea remedy. Green tea becomes popular as the chemical which has many benefits. The benefit is a larger start from the face until foot. Thus, many athletes also use green tea as a foot remedy. Green tea can be foot peeling and decrease all of the foot’s problems such as fungus, symptoms, and also redness. Moreover, it doesn’t just become the skincare of your face but also for the foot.

So, do you interested in shiny your athlete carrier by does the athlete’s foot home remedies? It will save your cost more and keep your foot health. Therefore, you need to try this at home.

Dressing Rules You Should Know

Have you ever care about how you’re dressing? If you don’t, it’s better for you to rethink it. Though looks trivial, the way you dress is very important. If you dress poorly, then the evaluation from people to you will drop. On the other hand, when you dress brilliantly you can attract attention to you and increase your evaluation. Above it all, dressing nicely will make you look more beautiful. To do that, you should know what’s good and what’s no good when dressing. You may not aware, but in this society, exist unspoken rules about how you should wear. And these are dressing rules you should know.

1. About The Mid Button

When wearing a suit jacket, there’s a rule that say you should close the button in the middle. Meanwhile, the upper button can be opened or closed based on your mood.  And you must open your lower button.

2. How Wearing Blouse Or Shirt

There are dressing rules you should know about the blouse or shirt. If you want to unbutton your blouse or shirt, do it just one or two buttons. Don’t ever unbutton your blouse or shirt more than two buttons.

3. Wear accessories that Match With The Dress

Accessories are something that make you look more gorgeous. But it can turn into a disaster if you don’t wear it wisely. The best way to wear accessories is by matching it with the dress. And also don’t wear it too much. You can choose either an earring that matches your bracelet or a necklace that matches your ring.

4. The Tip Of Your Tie

There are many dressing rules you should know. One of them is about the tie. When wearing a tie you should consider the tip of your tie. The tie should be long enough to reach your waist. And the tip of your tie should overlap with the belt.

5. Mini Skirt or Cleavage

Dressing has so many rules include how to wear mini skirt and cleavage. You should choose between mini skirt and cleavage. When you choose to wear a mini skirt then don’t wear cleavage. On the other hand, if you choose to wear cleavage then do not wear a mini skirt. Do not ever wear both of them.

6. No Need a Tie

There is a time when you will have to wear a shirt without a suit jacket. You will think of wearing a tie to make it look cooler. If you have that thought, it’s better to not execute the plan. Wearing a tie without suit or coat will look boorish. Just wear your shirt, and it will look better than a shirt with a tie.

7. The needed belt

The belt is a necessary accessory in the event when you need to tuck in your shirt. You will look neat and charming with the belt as part of your dressing way.

The dressing is important way to represent yourself. You can either embarrass yourself or glorifying yourself based on the way you’re dressing. That’s why it’s essential to understand the rules of dressing. And that’s the conclusion of the dressing rules you should know.

5 Symptoms of Autism In Child You Need To Look For

Autism can allow a child to not be able to communicate and relate to others. The symptoms of autism in child usually begin to appear before the age of three, in the mild or severe spectrum. Therefore, if you are a new parent you must understand this.

Knowing that your child is autistic early on is certainly better. You can catch up with your child’s development by doing various kinds of therapy. However, if you do not know about it, here are the symptoms of autism in child:

1.     Difficult to Communicate

One of the characteristics of an autistic child is that he has difficulty communicating with others. These communication difficulties include the difficulty of understanding a conversation, reading, and writing. Therefore, they find it difficult to talk.

The characteristics of an autistic child you can also consider based on his understanding of body movements. Usually, he will have difficulty expressing himself using their bodies. For example waving, pointing, kicking and so on.

2.     Having Repetitive Behavior

One of the symptoms of autistic in child is he seems to create and have their own world. He often likes to arrange things from front to back repeatedly over a long time. In addition, he will also repeat the words as if the first time he heard continuously.

Usually, he will always carry the same items. It is because he is considered very valuable objects so that no one can touch them. So, no wonder if you often see they carry the same doll or toy everywhere.

3.     Does Not Respond When Hearing The Sound

A child who has autism will respond differently to sounds. The first response is that he will be so sensitive. So, he will scream, run, jump and close his ears when he hears a sound.

The second response is that the child ignores the sounds around him. He seemed not to hear even if there was a sudden loud noise. He will not show a surprising response but will remain silent and continue his activities.

4.     Do Not Have Empathy

The attitude of autistic children is also usually they cannot interact with others. He will have difficulty expressing himself even for empathy. He does not even know the expressions of others. Therefore, he cannot empathize or care about others.

He was unable to show interpersonal interaction with others even to his own mother. So, in the surrounding environment, he has low social skills.

5.     Does Not Like Physical Contact

Some children who have autism will show a dislike response if they receive physical contact. Physical contact is like being touched or hugged. They will show rejection, such as running, angry, or shouting.

However, not all of them refer to this. There are some of them who actually like to be hugged by the people around them. Therefore, the first time you interact with an autistic child, avoid making physical contact.

Those are the symptoms of autism in child you must know. However, you must remember that these characteristics are the only general. Sometimes there are autistic children who do not show symptoms like that. Therefore, if you feel something is wrong with your child’s behavior, you can consult the pediatrician

Important Things To Know About The London Eye An Iconic Place In London

England offers so many interesting places with its own uniqueness. One of the most popular places is Big Ben and London Eye.

London has an iconic building which is located near the Thames River. This building becomes the most popular destination besides Big Ben. Here are 5 things to know about the London Eye:

1. Highest Wheel In The World

London Eye is still the highest observation wheel. It is 443 feet. The construction is unique, and it starts operating in 1999.

From this wheel, the tourist can see the beauty of London. Thames River, high building and the crowd of London is clear to see from its top.

2. Book Online Ticket is More Efficient

To know-how beautiful London is, you can buy the London Eye ticket online or offline. There are a lot of websites offer the best price and promotion for the London Eye and London city tour.

You can choose to book online because it is more efficient than buying on the spot. Buying the ticket at the place will make you wait longer, especially if the destination is crowded.

People like to go there on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. So if you plan to go while the weekend, book the ticket before going to the London Eye is a smart choice.

3. Check The Weather Before Go

The next thing you have to know before going to the London Eye is the weather. You will not be able to see a beautiful view of London if the weather is foggy or rainy.

The best time to go there is while the sky is clear. You can go there at noon so the scenery of the city and river is clear. You can have a great photo of London from the top of the wheel.

If you want to see the beauty of the city lights, come at night. The city light is so pretty and the star may be seen too.

4. It Contains 32 Capsules

This wheel contains 32 capsules. But there is no number 13. So you will see number 33 as the last capsule number.

They still believe that number 13 may bring bad luck, so they avoid using the number. Don’t worry about the heat or cold while riding the London Eye.

Each capsule is facilitated with an air conditioner. You will be so comfortable even the weather is not so good.

You can see the 360° view because the capsule wall is made of glass. You can see all around and take a great photo too.

5. One of The Most Popular Tourist Attractions In London

This destination is the most popular tourist attraction. Almost every tour and travel agent offer tourist to go there.

It also attracts so many actresses and celebrities to come too. Some of them come to enjoy the wheel inside the capsule. Some others want to do something spectacular like climbing the wheel or stand above it to make a world record.

London’s eye is not just an iconic place. It is also historical and really means a lot to the London and United Kingdom’s people. They are very proud to have this building because it presents the greatness of England.

Coming here is a perfect choice. You can enjoy your time with your loved one, family, or friends. This place is good and safe for children too so you don’t have to worry about their safety.

Those are a few of many things to know about the London Eye. A simple conclusion is that this is an incredible place in London.

You can see almost everything at once from here. You will get the best 30 minutes in your life while riding the London Eye.

Some of the Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Who does not love cats and have them as a pet? These cute pets can be found in almost every place on Earth. Besides easy to maintain, cats are adorable is so may ways. People are willing to spend an amount of money on their cats. Such as making them a special cat room and feeding them the best cat food quality. Some of the most expensive cat breeds could worth the same price as a luxury car! 

 Of course, these cat breeds are not just any kind of cats. The cat breeds worth an amount of money because of their breed, age and also health. An expensive cat could be a result of a complicated interbreeds process. The beauty of the cat also affects value. Some cat breeds even have a certificate following. Ready to figure out the most expensive cat breeds with their prices?

1. The Ashera cat

People say that the Ashera cat is one of the most expensive cat pet in the world. It is worth like a Ferrari California car! This cat is handled by a company in Los Angeles. Ashera cat is a hybridization between an African and an Asian breed. And only allowed to breed only 5 kittens each year. What makes them lovelier is their fur color that emerges like a leopard. 

2. Savannah Cat 

Savannah cats are worth 700million rupiah or almost fifty thousand US dollars. They are similar to dogs when comes to loyalty to their master. It is a hybridization breed between Africa and Persia. The spotted smooth fur would make people fall in love. Moreover, Savannah cats are easy to socialize not only with people but also other pets.

3. Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat has a great appearance with their spotted leopard fur. Their exotic and smooth fur is a value on Bengal Cats. They are very active and energic cat breeds which makes them fun and playful. While other cats usually avoid water, Bengal Cats love playing in it. This is also a very expensive cat and needs super care if you want it as a pet. 

4. Persia Cat

This cat breed might be similar to our ears. Yes, Persia cat is one of the most famous yet expensive cats to be petted. It is chosen because of their pug noses and their thick fur. They behave calm but friendly. Even though it is expensive, people choose Persia as their pet because their treatment is still commanding to do and does not spend an amount of money

5. Peterbald Cat & Sphinx

Cat & Sphinx are both the most expensive cat breeds that are known because it does not have any fur. It might sound odd, knowing cats without any fur. But that’s what makes this cat breed unique and special. These cats are friendly and easy to adapt to people

By knowing the most expensive cat breeds, how much money are you willing to adopt a pet? Remember, having a pet is not only about having adopting, feeding and providing places. It is about loving, caring and treating as well. Also, do not hesitate to consult with a vet for the best maintaining. 

Definition, Cause and Why People Get Nosebleed

Have you ever had Why people get nosebleed? Maybe almost everyone has had a nosebleed at least once in his life. When you have a nosebleed or other people around you have a nosebleed, you might think it’s the result of heat. More than that, it turns out that nosebleeds are caused by many things, from mild to serious conditions. Also, nosebleeds can occur in anyone, from children, adults, and even pregnant women. The article below will review the various causes of nosebleeds in children to adults.

What Is A Nosebleed?

When there is blood coming out of your nose, you usually call it nosebleeds or also called epistaxis. However, Why people get nosebleed? Nosebleeds are bleeding from the inside of the nose. Nosebleeds can occur at any age, from children to adults. When someone has a nosebleed, you might see it as a scary and dangerous thing, but generally, a nosebleed is a small nuisance.

Nosebleeds can be divided into two types based on where the bleeding originates, namely anterior and posterior.

  • Anterior nosebleeds usually originate from bleeding that occurs in the blood vessels in the front of the nose. Usually, this nosebleed is easier to control and most commonly occurs.
  • Posterior nosebleeds are nosebleeds that occur due to bleeding in the veins at the back of the nose. This nosebleed is usually associated with high blood pressure and requires special treatment.

The Causes Of Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds can be caused by a variety of things, from small ones to things related to your health condition. The lining of your nose consists of many small blood vessels that break easily, making it very easy for nasal bleeding or nosebleeds to occur. The following are various causes Why people get nosebleed.

Common Nosebleed Causes Are Common

In general, the causes of frequent nosebleeds can vary from one person to another. The cause of frequent nosebleeds can be from a small thing or is a sign of a particular disease.

The following are various causes of frequent nosebleeds, including:

1. Dry air

The most common cause of nosebleeds is due to dry air. Usually, this condition will be more common in cold climates when there are many upper respiratory infections and when temperatures and humidity rise and fall drastically.

Also, changes in temperature from a cold outside environment into a warm, dry house will make the nose more vulnerable to bleeding.

However, not only in cold climates, nosebleeds can occur in hot and dry climates or seasonal changes. The climate can cause the nose lining to dry up and crack and bleed.

2. The use of blood-thinning drugs

Various blood-thinning drugs, such as aspirin, Coumadin or Jantoven (warfarin), anti-platelet drug Plavix (clopidogrel bisulfate), and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can turn out to be a frequent cause of nosebleeds.

Blood-thinning drugs will change the ability of the blood to clot and also clot. As a result, bleeding in the nose is inevitable and difficult to stop, because there was a nosebleed. This drug is usually used for disease conditions that have a risk of blood clots such as heart conditions namely atrial fibrillation.

3. Has an injury to the nose

Accidental nose injuries can also make blood vessels in the nostrils damaged until they bleed. The cause of nosebleeds on this one often occurs in children when scratching and scraping his nose.

However, this can also be a cause of nosebleeds in adults. The habit of scratching an itchy nose can also make an adult’s nose hurt. So the nose will unwittingly bleed.

4. Certain health problems

The most feared cause of nosebleeds is due to certain health problems. If you experience a nosebleed without knowing the cause, this may be a symptom or sign of kidney disease, liver disease, excessive alcohol consumption, to other health problems that can reduce the body’s ability to coagulate blood.

Health problems that commonly Why people get nosebleed are hypertension and congestive heart failure. Even colds and allergies can also be a frequent cause of nosebleeds due to irritated nasal lining.

The Excitement of Cave Diving Florida

Many people who like activities in the water, one of which is diving. This activity usually attracts tourists who are curious about the beauty of the underwater world. Quite often those who are fascinated to do it again. There is cave diving Florida as a recommendation for divers, Devil Den.

What is Devil Den?

Devil’s Den is a cave in Williston that can be diving. The underground river roof shows off the river to the open air and collapsed to form a window. In the cave called Devil’s Den, there are springs with a temperature of 22 degrees celsius.

Right above the spring, there is a hole that emits sunlight, making the water blue more clear and beautiful. The hole also emits hot steam because the water temperature is quite high.

Diving in Devil Den

To do snorkeling or scuba diving, visitors must first descend the wooden stairs before they can throw themselves into the spring. Down the wooden stairs must also be careful because it can only be passed by one person. But when diving, cave springs can accommodate several people.

Another thing to note is, if you want to try to dive into this spring, you must have a license. Because this place is only open to those who are used for doing it, not for ordinary swimmers. It is not surprising because its depth reaches 27 meters.

The Uniqueness of Devil Den

Besides having warm water, another of this cave is there are fossils underneath are 33 million years old. Devil’s Den is an ancient cave is thought to have existed since the Pleistocene Period 600 thousand years ago. This is based on the discovery of ancient fossils found in the area.

Fossils found under the cave include mastodons, sloths, camels, horses, wolves, bears, to sharp-toothed cats. Between the fossils found, some of the fossils have been taken at the Florida Museum of Natural History. Of course, feeling these two things is a special experience that is hard to forget. \

The Adventages of Visiting Devil Den

Tourists who come will feel comfortable when diving with warm water temperatures and made fascinated with existing fossils. Moreover, the scenery around the cave adds to the beauty of nature. There are plants dangling from above holes, rocks around the cave, and fish that are in the water.

The source of the underground springs is the uniqueness of the Devil Den cave. This spring offers a beautiful and enchanting view. Visitors will never regret to explore the beauty of this cave. This spring is full of surprises.

Because its appearance does not resemble a spring because it is close in grass and trees. But, once the visitor plunged into it, surely will be amazed by itself. The view of the spring is more tempting and hypnotizing visitors to jump into it and see the relics of ancient times.

Steam rises from the surface of the water, if when the weather outside is cold causing early visitors to suggest it looks like a chimney from Hell. Because that’s an easy name to remember. Only Snorkelers and divers can dive in the cave with a guide officer; not open to public swimming.

Those are some facts of the cave diving Florida sites that be a recommendation for divers in the world. Divers will get a beautiful view from each of this location. Because this dive site has its own uniqueness.

Latest News Latest News – Britain is Forced by European to Make Decision on Brexit

Latest News Latest News! What is the world’s latest news today? It is still Brexit that has consumed attention, not only people in Britain but also in entire Europe. Today, the Europeans in Brussels are said to force the country of Queen Elizabeth II to make a decision related to Brexit. Either Britain still wants to join the European Union or leave it, the decision should be made as soon as possible.

Europeans Have Lost Their Patients

Brussels is not only the capital city of Belgium, but it is also considered to be Europe’s political heart. Over three years after announced to leave the European Union through Brexit, it seems that now people start to lose their patience over the slow process conducted to end the paralysis caused by the decision. At least, the tension of European regarding the decision is shown today in Brussels. People’s frustration seems to get bigger related to Britain’s decision since the future of Brexit remains uncertain until now. Additionally, the Brexit drama does not only influence political tension in the United Kingdom but also causes a huge distraction in the European Union. Either the UK wants to remain in the EU or leave it, the decision should be made soon since the Europeans want to get over with other things. 

Nico Impens, one of the Europeans said that he is pro-Europeans and wants Britain to stay in the organization. However, the inability of the country to end all the polemics about Brexit has led him as well as most Europeans to frustration. He, as most of the Europeans would agree, demands the United Kingdom makes a definitive outcome – whatever the result is – since there is no sign on the resolution so far. It seems that many people are tired of the discussion made about Brexit that has been done for over three years.

Brexit – Political Circus?

Many people, both in the United Kingdom and Europe, think that Brexit is just Britain’s political circus. It has attracted viewers, many speculations, and made news around the world. The Europeans also view this as something confusing and time as well as energy-consuming. Britain has become an important part of the European Union for more than 40 years. The country’s decision to leave the organization 3 years ago has shocked many people. Additionally, the different fraction in London about the decision is far from the end and makes the entire thing becomes more complicated.