Healthy Lifestyle for Kids Parents Can Apply

Every parent wants the best for their kids, from education until a healthy lifestyle. These days, with everything so instant, sometimes it makes it hard to have a healthy lifestyle for kids. However, it all depends on the parents and how they apply it to their kids. Kids are the leading generation in the future, therefore it is important they stay healthy until then.

With the busy life people have these days, it can be hard to have a healthy lifestyle for kids. Rushing them to school every day and parents having to work 8 hours a day, it seems impossible. However, everyone has the choice to live disciplined and a better life. Here are some tips parents can apply for their kids.

1. Drink Water

Try to reduce drinks that don’t give benefits to the body. And change it to drinking water regularly. Water has so many benefits for the human’s body, therefore kids should drink more water than sweet drinks. Try not to give them too much ice cream or fat milk too. Milk with high calcium is ok to be given to kids, but make sure to consume them once a day only.

 2. Vegetables & Fruits

Give healthy foods to your kid and cook for them if possible. By cooking, parents can know the ingredients in the food, whether it is safe or not. When you cook, make sure to add vegetables into the food. Arrange it so that it tastes good and doesn’t look like a vegetable. For closing, people can give kids fruits such as watermelon, melon or apple. Give them this menu every day but with different variants, so they don’t get bored.

 3. Switch off the Screen

Gadgets is now available everywhere and it is sure used every day by parents too. Try not to use them too much especially in front of the kids. Switch off the tv, phone if your kids are there. You can give them some screen time but make it limited. Too many screens can make them addicted and have a negative effect.

 4. Go Outside

Rather than watching tv or playing gadget, a healthy lifestyle for kids is by letting them out. By going outside of the house, they can explore the world and become more active. This can be good for a kid’s body and brain. Do some exercise with them such as biking or running around the neighborhood each day. This simple activity can help refresh their bodies.

 5. Rest Enough

Kids are usually very active and love to play. Sometimes because of being too excited, they forget to rest. Therefore, ensure they get enough rest each day. Kids must at least sleep 8 hours/day to recharge their bodies. If possible, kids should also sleep in the afternoon. This will help prevent them from getting cranky in the afternoon.

Having a healthy lifestyle for kids depends on the parent’s lifestyle too. If the parents can be discipline, then the kids will follow. It is always hard to make a change but remember this is for a better future. So, try slowly applying these steps for you and your kids.

Your Athlete Carrier By Athlete’s Foot Home Remedies

An athlete is a wonderful job that many people like to be. But becoming an athlete is not as easy as we think. There are many sacrifices and distractions that you need to face to be an athlete. One of the distractions is handling the problem of your foot. The foot’s problem becomes the most popular distraction. Therefore, an athlete must able to fix this kind of problem. Many of them do the athlete’s foot home remedies. This path is effective to handle the foot problem. Need more information about foot home remedies for an athlete? Here are the explanations.

1. Tea Tree Oil Remedy

The first athlete’s foot home remedies are tea tree oil remedy. The tea tree oil is the oil from a leave of tree in Australia. Tea tree oil has many functions. It contains anti-bacteria that can kill the bacteria and also fungus. Thus, many people use tea tree oil for remedies such as foot home remedies for an athlete. Tea tree oil can decrease itching, swelling, burning, and also scaling. Therefore, many athletes use tea tree oil as a home remedy for their foot. It needs several months to fix. Even it needs some moments, but you will also meet the good result.

2. Bitter Orange Remedy

Bitter orange is a fruit which comes from as similar as an orange tree. It is one type of family of orange. The vitamin contained inside the bitter orange can protect the skin from sunburn, reduce ringworm and also jock itch that usually becomes the cause of athlete’s foot problems. In Chinese, the bitter orange is popular and becomes the main remedy. Therefore, it will also help the athlete to do the foot home remedy and fix the foot’s problem.

3. Ajoene Garlic Remedy

When talking about the remedy, garlic is one of the best healer and remedies. The ajoene is a chemical which is an extract from garlic. The ajoene can build the antifungal. The antifungal is very useful for protecting an athlete’s foot from the fungus. It is also useful for cure the symptom. Not only cure the fungus, but it also can protect an athlete’s foot from stricken fungus again.

4. Sunflower Oil Remedy

The next athlete’s foot home remedies are coming from a flower that is a sunflower. The sunflower not only a beautiful flower, but it also has benefits. The benefit is becoming the antifungal. The oil that is made from a seed of the sunflower contains a powerful antifungal. The oil is the basic material of antifungal medicine. Thus, the athlete can use sunflower oil as the home remedies.

5. Green Tea Remedy

The last remedy is the green tea remedy. Green tea becomes popular as the chemical which has many benefits. The benefit is a larger start from the face until foot. Thus, many athletes also use green tea as a foot remedy. Green tea can be foot peeling and decrease all of the foot’s problems such as fungus, symptoms, and also redness. Moreover, it doesn’t just become the skincare of your face but also for the foot.

So, do you interested in shiny your athlete carrier by does the athlete’s foot home remedies? It will save your cost more and keep your foot health. Therefore, you need to try this at home.

Definition, Cause and Why People Get Nosebleed

Have you ever had Why people get nosebleed? Maybe almost everyone has had a nosebleed at least once in his life. When you have a nosebleed or other people around you have a nosebleed, you might think it’s the result of heat. More than that, it turns out that nosebleeds are caused by many things, from mild to serious conditions. Also, nosebleeds can occur in anyone, from children, adults, and even pregnant women. The article below will review the various causes of nosebleeds in children to adults.

What Is A Nosebleed?

When there is blood coming out of your nose, you usually call it nosebleeds or also called epistaxis. However, Why people get nosebleed? Nosebleeds are bleeding from the inside of the nose. Nosebleeds can occur at any age, from children to adults. When someone has a nosebleed, you might see it as a scary and dangerous thing, but generally, a nosebleed is a small nuisance.

Nosebleeds can be divided into two types based on where the bleeding originates, namely anterior and posterior.

  • Anterior nosebleeds usually originate from bleeding that occurs in the blood vessels in the front of the nose. Usually, this nosebleed is easier to control and most commonly occurs.
  • Posterior nosebleeds are nosebleeds that occur due to bleeding in the veins at the back of the nose. This nosebleed is usually associated with high blood pressure and requires special treatment.

The Causes Of Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds can be caused by a variety of things, from small ones to things related to your health condition. The lining of your nose consists of many small blood vessels that break easily, making it very easy for nasal bleeding or nosebleeds to occur. The following are various causes Why people get nosebleed.

Common Nosebleed Causes Are Common

In general, the causes of frequent nosebleeds can vary from one person to another. The cause of frequent nosebleeds can be from a small thing or is a sign of a particular disease.

The following are various causes of frequent nosebleeds, including:

1. Dry air

The most common cause of nosebleeds is due to dry air. Usually, this condition will be more common in cold climates when there are many upper respiratory infections and when temperatures and humidity rise and fall drastically.

Also, changes in temperature from a cold outside environment into a warm, dry house will make the nose more vulnerable to bleeding.

However, not only in cold climates, nosebleeds can occur in hot and dry climates or seasonal changes. The climate can cause the nose lining to dry up and crack and bleed.

2. The use of blood-thinning drugs

Various blood-thinning drugs, such as aspirin, Coumadin or Jantoven (warfarin), anti-platelet drug Plavix (clopidogrel bisulfate), and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can turn out to be a frequent cause of nosebleeds.

Blood-thinning drugs will change the ability of the blood to clot and also clot. As a result, bleeding in the nose is inevitable and difficult to stop, because there was a nosebleed. This drug is usually used for disease conditions that have a risk of blood clots such as heart conditions namely atrial fibrillation.

3. Has an injury to the nose

Accidental nose injuries can also make blood vessels in the nostrils damaged until they bleed. The cause of nosebleeds on this one often occurs in children when scratching and scraping his nose.

However, this can also be a cause of nosebleeds in adults. The habit of scratching an itchy nose can also make an adult’s nose hurt. So the nose will unwittingly bleed.

4. Certain health problems

The most feared cause of nosebleeds is due to certain health problems. If you experience a nosebleed without knowing the cause, this may be a symptom or sign of kidney disease, liver disease, excessive alcohol consumption, to other health problems that can reduce the body’s ability to coagulate blood.

Health problems that commonly Why people get nosebleed are hypertension and congestive heart failure. Even colds and allergies can also be a frequent cause of nosebleeds due to irritated nasal lining.