5 Symptoms of Autism In Child You Need To Look For

Autism can allow a child to not be able to communicate and relate to others. The symptoms of autism in child usually begin to appear before the age of three, in the mild or severe spectrum. Therefore, if you are a new parent you must understand this.

Knowing that your child is autistic early on is certainly better. You can catch up with your child’s development by doing various kinds of therapy. However, if you do not know about it, here are the symptoms of autism in child:

1.     Difficult to Communicate

One of the characteristics of an autistic child is that he has difficulty communicating with others. These communication difficulties include the difficulty of understanding a conversation, reading, and writing. Therefore, they find it difficult to talk.

The characteristics of an autistic child you can also consider based on his understanding of body movements. Usually, he will have difficulty expressing himself using their bodies. For example waving, pointing, kicking and so on.

2.     Having Repetitive Behavior

One of the symptoms of autistic in child is he seems to create and have their own world. He often likes to arrange things from front to back repeatedly over a long time. In addition, he will also repeat the words as if the first time he heard continuously.

Usually, he will always carry the same items. It is because he is considered very valuable objects so that no one can touch them. So, no wonder if you often see they carry the same doll or toy everywhere.

3.     Does Not Respond When Hearing The Sound

A child who has autism will respond differently to sounds. The first response is that he will be so sensitive. So, he will scream, run, jump and close his ears when he hears a sound.

The second response is that the child ignores the sounds around him. He seemed not to hear even if there was a sudden loud noise. He will not show a surprising response but will remain silent and continue his activities.

4.     Do Not Have Empathy

The attitude of autistic children is also usually they cannot interact with others. He will have difficulty expressing himself even for empathy. He does not even know the expressions of others. Therefore, he cannot empathize or care about others.

He was unable to show interpersonal interaction with others even to his own mother. So, in the surrounding environment, he has low social skills.

5.     Does Not Like Physical Contact

Some children who have autism will show a dislike response if they receive physical contact. Physical contact is like being touched or hugged. They will show rejection, such as running, angry, or shouting.

However, not all of them refer to this. There are some of them who actually like to be hugged by the people around them. Therefore, the first time you interact with an autistic child, avoid making physical contact.

Those are the symptoms of autism in child you must know. However, you must remember that these characteristics are the only general. Sometimes there are autistic children who do not show symptoms like that. Therefore, if you feel something is wrong with your child’s behavior, you can consult the pediatrician