How to Take Care of Hamster for Beginners

Hamsters are pets that are perfect for children. This is because hamsters are adorable and fun. It is also pets that are suitable for those who never had a pet and willing to have one. Why? Because it is easy on how to take care of hamsters. It does not require a big space since hamsters are small. Also, it does not need an amount of money like cats and dogs do. The handling of hamsters is quite cheap.

Hamsters are nocturnal animals that are natural for them to both play and sleep. They usually go active in the night time and tend to take naps in the day time. Even though they are an active pet, a hamster is still easy to pet. If you are planning to have a hamster, these are five simple tips on how to take care of hamster:

1. Do not spread the food in the cage

The first tip does not spread the food in the cage. This would cause the cage to easily get smelly, dirty and even invites various diseases. The solution is to use a hamster dish or any kind of little box to contain their food. As for addition, purchase a heavy one. This is because it would not be easily displaced and spill out.

2. Routinely replace the sawdust

The second thing to know on how to take care of hamster is routinely replacing the sawdust. Do not get lazy to change the sawdust. Sawdust is the hamster’s sleeping mat, warmers and also the hamster’s absorbent urine. You should replace the sawdust at least every three days and do not let it get wet. Not only the sawdust, routinely wash the cage also.

3. Hamster’s Food Ban

There are several foods that hamsters are not allowing to eat. Such as foods that have a strong flavor like chocolate, orange, garlic and other foods. Do not give fatty foods because it could cause obesity to the hamster. An obesity hamster is likely to experience heart disease and cause death. Simply choose sunflower seed, green beans, soybean and other kinds of seed beads in pet shops.

4. Bathing Sand

Another important tip on how to take care of hamster is never bathing them directly with water. Hamsters are very susceptible to humidity and tend not suitable with waters. Even so, hamster still needs to be bathed. with bathing sand. This sand has very fine and soft granules. It does not only clean hamsters but also softener its fur.

5. Give hamsters accessories

Last but not least, require them with several hamster accessories. It could be a hamster ball and see-saw. With playing around, hamsters would not only be playful and active but also be happy. Of course, it would make the hamster healthy as well

Applying these tips on how to take care of hamster is an easy task to do. Not only easy but also simple and quick. Require a shady calm place for the cage and you are off to go petting a hamster!