Dressing Rules You Should Know

Have you ever care about how you’re dressing? If you don’t, it’s better for you to rethink it. Though looks trivial, the way you dress is very important. If you dress poorly, then the evaluation from people to you will drop. On the other hand, when you dress brilliantly you can attract attention to you and increase your evaluation. Above it all, dressing nicely will make you look more beautiful. To do that, you should know what’s good and what’s no good when dressing. You may not aware, but in this society, exist unspoken rules about how you should wear. And these are dressing rules you should know.

1. About The Mid Button

When wearing a suit jacket, there’s a rule that say you should close the button in the middle. Meanwhile, the upper button can be opened or closed based on your mood.  And you must open your lower button.

2. How Wearing Blouse Or Shirt

There are dressing rules you should know about the blouse or shirt. If you want to unbutton your blouse or shirt, do it just one or two buttons. Don’t ever unbutton your blouse or shirt more than two buttons.

3. Wear accessories that Match With The Dress

Accessories are something that make you look more gorgeous. But it can turn into a disaster if you don’t wear it wisely. The best way to wear accessories is by matching it with the dress. And also don’t wear it too much. You can choose either an earring that matches your bracelet or a necklace that matches your ring.

4. The Tip Of Your Tie

There are many dressing rules you should know. One of them is about the tie. When wearing a tie you should consider the tip of your tie. The tie should be long enough to reach your waist. And the tip of your tie should overlap with the belt.

5. Mini Skirt or Cleavage

Dressing has so many rules include how to wear mini skirt and cleavage. You should choose between mini skirt and cleavage. When you choose to wear a mini skirt then don’t wear cleavage. On the other hand, if you choose to wear cleavage then do not wear a mini skirt. Do not ever wear both of them.

6. No Need a Tie

There is a time when you will have to wear a shirt without a suit jacket. You will think of wearing a tie to make it look cooler. If you have that thought, it’s better to not execute the plan. Wearing a tie without suit or coat will look boorish. Just wear your shirt, and it will look better than a shirt with a tie.

7. The needed belt

The belt is a necessary accessory in the event when you need to tuck in your shirt. You will look neat and charming with the belt as part of your dressing way.

The dressing is important way to represent yourself. You can either embarrass yourself or glorifying yourself based on the way you’re dressing. That’s why it’s essential to understand the rules of dressing. And that’s the conclusion of the dressing rules you should know.