Latest News Latest News – Britain is Forced by European to Make Decision on Brexit

Latest News Latest News! What is the world’s latest news today? It is still Brexit that has consumed attention, not only people in Britain but also in entire Europe. Today, the Europeans in Brussels are said to force the country of Queen Elizabeth II to make a decision related to Brexit. Either Britain still wants to join the European Union or leave it, the decision should be made as soon as possible.

Europeans Have Lost Their Patients

Brussels is not only the capital city of Belgium, but it is also considered to be Europe’s political heart. Over three years after announced to leave the European Union through Brexit, it seems that now people start to lose their patience over the slow process conducted to end the paralysis caused by the decision. At least, the tension of European regarding the decision is shown today in Brussels. People’s frustration seems to get bigger related to Britain’s decision since the future of Brexit remains uncertain until now. Additionally, the Brexit drama does not only influence political tension in the United Kingdom but also causes a huge distraction in the European Union. Either the UK wants to remain in the EU or leave it, the decision should be made soon since the Europeans want to get over with other things. 

Nico Impens, one of the Europeans said that he is pro-Europeans and wants Britain to stay in the organization. However, the inability of the country to end all the polemics about Brexit has led him as well as most Europeans to frustration. He, as most of the Europeans would agree, demands the United Kingdom makes a definitive outcome – whatever the result is – since there is no sign on the resolution so far. It seems that many people are tired of the discussion made about Brexit that has been done for over three years.

Brexit – Political Circus?

Many people, both in the United Kingdom and Europe, think that Brexit is just Britain’s political circus. It has attracted viewers, many speculations, and made news around the world. The Europeans also view this as something confusing and time as well as energy-consuming. Britain has become an important part of the European Union for more than 40 years. The country’s decision to leave the organization 3 years ago has shocked many people. Additionally, the different fraction in London about the decision is far from the end and makes the entire thing becomes more complicated.