Some of the Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Who does not love cats and have them as a pet? These cute pets can be found in almost every place on Earth. Besides easy to maintain, cats are adorable is so may ways. People are willing to spend an amount of money on their cats. Such as making them a special cat room and feeding them the best cat food quality. Some of the most expensive cat breeds could worth the same price as a luxury car! 

 Of course, these cat breeds are not just any kind of cats. The cat breeds worth an amount of money because of their breed, age and also health. An expensive cat could be a result of a complicated interbreeds process. The beauty of the cat also affects value. Some cat breeds even have a certificate following. Ready to figure out the most expensive cat breeds with their prices?

1. The Ashera cat

People say that the Ashera cat is one of the most expensive cat pet in the world. It is worth like a Ferrari California car! This cat is handled by a company in Los Angeles. Ashera cat is a hybridization between an African and an Asian breed. And only allowed to breed only 5 kittens each year. What makes them lovelier is their fur color that emerges like a leopard. 

2. Savannah Cat 

Savannah cats are worth 700million rupiah or almost fifty thousand US dollars. They are similar to dogs when comes to loyalty to their master. It is a hybridization breed between Africa and Persia. The spotted smooth fur would make people fall in love. Moreover, Savannah cats are easy to socialize not only with people but also other pets.

3. Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat has a great appearance with their spotted leopard fur. Their exotic and smooth fur is a value on Bengal Cats. They are very active and energic cat breeds which makes them fun and playful. While other cats usually avoid water, Bengal Cats love playing in it. This is also a very expensive cat and needs super care if you want it as a pet. 

4. Persia Cat

This cat breed might be similar to our ears. Yes, Persia cat is one of the most famous yet expensive cats to be petted. It is chosen because of their pug noses and their thick fur. They behave calm but friendly. Even though it is expensive, people choose Persia as their pet because their treatment is still commanding to do and does not spend an amount of money

5. Peterbald Cat & Sphinx

Cat & Sphinx are both the most expensive cat breeds that are known because it does not have any fur. It might sound odd, knowing cats without any fur. But that’s what makes this cat breed unique and special. These cats are friendly and easy to adapt to people

By knowing the most expensive cat breeds, how much money are you willing to adopt a pet? Remember, having a pet is not only about having adopting, feeding and providing places. It is about loving, caring and treating as well. Also, do not hesitate to consult with a vet for the best maintaining.