Important Things To Know About The London Eye An Iconic Place In London

England offers so many interesting places with its own uniqueness. One of the most popular places is Big Ben and London Eye.

London has an iconic building which is located near the Thames River. This building becomes the most popular destination besides Big Ben. Here are 5 things to know about the London Eye:

1. Highest Wheel In The World

London Eye is still the highest observation wheel. It is 443 feet. The construction is unique, and it starts operating in 1999.

From this wheel, the tourist can see the beauty of London. Thames River, high building and the crowd of London is clear to see from its top.

2. Book Online Ticket is More Efficient

To know-how beautiful London is, you can buy the London Eye ticket online or offline. There are a lot of websites offer the best price and promotion for the London Eye and London city tour.

You can choose to book online because it is more efficient than buying on the spot. Buying the ticket at the place will make you wait longer, especially if the destination is crowded.

People like to go there on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. So if you plan to go while the weekend, book the ticket before going to the London Eye is a smart choice.

3. Check The Weather Before Go

The next thing you have to know before going to the London Eye is the weather. You will not be able to see a beautiful view of London if the weather is foggy or rainy.

The best time to go there is while the sky is clear. You can go there at noon so the scenery of the city and river is clear. You can have a great photo of London from the top of the wheel.

If you want to see the beauty of the city lights, come at night. The city light is so pretty and the star may be seen too.

4. It Contains 32 Capsules

This wheel contains 32 capsules. But there is no number 13. So you will see number 33 as the last capsule number.

They still believe that number 13 may bring bad luck, so they avoid using the number. Don’t worry about the heat or cold while riding the London Eye.

Each capsule is facilitated with an air conditioner. You will be so comfortable even the weather is not so good.

You can see the 360° view because the capsule wall is made of glass. You can see all around and take a great photo too.

5. One of The Most Popular Tourist Attractions In London

This destination is the most popular tourist attraction. Almost every tour and travel agent offer tourist to go there.

It also attracts so many actresses and celebrities to come too. Some of them come to enjoy the wheel inside the capsule. Some others want to do something spectacular like climbing the wheel or stand above it to make a world record.

London’s eye is not just an iconic place. It is also historical and really means a lot to the London and United Kingdom’s people. They are very proud to have this building because it presents the greatness of England.

Coming here is a perfect choice. You can enjoy your time with your loved one, family, or friends. This place is good and safe for children too so you don’t have to worry about their safety.

Those are a few of many things to know about the London Eye. A simple conclusion is that this is an incredible place in London.

You can see almost everything at once from here. You will get the best 30 minutes in your life while riding the London Eye.