The Excitement of Cave Diving Florida

Many people who like activities in the water, one of which is diving. This activity usually attracts tourists who are curious about the beauty of the underwater world. Quite often those who are fascinated to do it again. There is cave diving Florida as a recommendation for divers, Devil Den.

What is Devil Den?

Devil’s Den is a cave in Williston that can be diving. The underground river roof shows off the river to the open air and collapsed to form a window. In the cave called Devil’s Den, there are springs with a temperature of 22 degrees celsius.

Right above the spring, there is a hole that emits sunlight, making the water blue more clear and beautiful. The hole also emits hot steam because the water temperature is quite high.

Diving in Devil Den

To do snorkeling or scuba diving, visitors must first descend the wooden stairs before they can throw themselves into the spring. Down the wooden stairs must also be careful because it can only be passed by one person. But when diving, cave springs can accommodate several people.

Another thing to note is, if you want to try to dive into this spring, you must have a license. Because this place is only open to those who are used for doing it, not for ordinary swimmers. It is not surprising because its depth reaches 27 meters.

The Uniqueness of Devil Den

Besides having warm water, another of this cave is there are fossils underneath are 33 million years old. Devil’s Den is an ancient cave is thought to have existed since the Pleistocene Period 600 thousand years ago. This is based on the discovery of ancient fossils found in the area.

Fossils found under the cave include mastodons, sloths, camels, horses, wolves, bears, to sharp-toothed cats. Between the fossils found, some of the fossils have been taken at the Florida Museum of Natural History. Of course, feeling these two things is a special experience that is hard to forget. \

The Adventages of Visiting Devil Den

Tourists who come will feel comfortable when diving with warm water temperatures and made fascinated with existing fossils. Moreover, the scenery around the cave adds to the beauty of nature. There are plants dangling from above holes, rocks around the cave, and fish that are in the water.

The source of the underground springs is the uniqueness of the Devil Den cave. This spring offers a beautiful and enchanting view. Visitors will never regret to explore the beauty of this cave. This spring is full of surprises.

Because its appearance does not resemble a spring because it is close in grass and trees. But, once the visitor plunged into it, surely will be amazed by itself. The view of the spring is more tempting and hypnotizing visitors to jump into it and see the relics of ancient times.

Steam rises from the surface of the water, if when the weather outside is cold causing early visitors to suggest it looks like a chimney from Hell. Because that’s an easy name to remember. Only Snorkelers and divers can dive in the cave with a guide officer; not open to public swimming.

Those are some facts of the cave diving Florida sites that be a recommendation for divers in the world. Divers will get a beautiful view from each of this location. Because this dive site has its own uniqueness.